Looking After Yourself This Summer

Taking Care of Yourself this Summer

Summer in New Zealand can be nice. The warm and long days paired with the festive season brings many joys. However, it can also be hard on our bodies too. With the festive season we naturally get more time to spend with our beloved family and friends too.

However, many forget the pitfalls the festive seasons may have. With the wonderful weather, it means we’re often out and about during those long days. Running, hiking, and biking. However, a key part to enjoying these recreational activities is ensuring you repair, recover, and restore your body. New Zealand’s pleasant but harsh conditions play a key part in this too such as our harsher than average UV rays.

This article will show you how you can repair, recover, and restore with Korure

Repair – Sourced ethically from pristine New Zealand waters. We’ve called it New Zealand’s hidden gem. Rich in a unique blend in omega-3s, studies have shown it may help with inflammation. Through sub-dermal absorption, this works hard to keep your skin and joints healthy

Recover – The long term steps. After taking the first step to repair, prevention is the best step you can take to look after yourself.

The best recovery pairing for your long-term health crafted by Korure is the Natural Recovery Lotion and Marine Phospholipid Powder. Our “daily driver duo”

To help support healthy skin, sore joints, and muscles, reach out for our Natural Recovery Lotion. With a gentle scent and naturally potent ingredients you know this is something you can rely on. Paired with glucosamine, it increases the lotions potential to aid in your long-term preventative recovery and care.

Our Natural Recovery Lotion is best paired with our Marine Phospholipid Powder. It combines the best of science and nature through gently freeze-drying New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussels into a powder. Rich in omega-3s, it also brings a plethora of naturally occurring minerals and nutrients. 

 Restore – It’s only natural (pun intended) that Kōrure’s restore options would be the superfruits range. From antioxidant rich berries, gut health for kiwifruit and hemp seed oil for glowing skin, hair and nails. These options are perfect for helping your body restore.

Ready to Repair, Recovery and Restore this summer with Korure?

Written by: Ron Park

Founder & CEO of Kōrure

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