Green Lipped Mussel Oil is 100 x 

More Powerful than Fish Oil

Fish oil on steroids

Through clinical studies, green lipped mussel oil has been found to be an astonishing 100x more effective than fish oil for its anti-inflammation effects, therefore reducing joint pain significantly*


Independent, Local, Thoughtful.

Kōrure is an independent and a local company. With its roots in Ōtautahi, Christchurch, New Zealand. We’re also thoughtful on how we source and manufacture our products in New Zealand. Independent, Local, Thoughtful - Just for you.

Sustainable and better, for all.


The Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Programme rates Green-lipped mussels as one of the most sustainable seafoods in the world. You could even say they’ve got some super powers up their sleeves. We all know CO2 is a bit of an environmental sustainability issue… but mussels can actually store CO2 in their own tissue and shell, bringing mother nature back to her equilibrium. Additionally, mussels are efficient on space to farm, putting less strain on the Earth’s ever so finite resources which minimises the effects on surrounding ecosystems. 

Mussels also don’t need to be fed! They’re filter feeders! This means unlike their high-maintenance fish counterparts that need to be fed food regularly, Mussels simply filter out their food that are naturally present in their watery habitats. 

The main food source for Green Lipped Mussels is phyto-plankton. Phyto-plankton are microscopic beings that photosynthesize (just like out plants!). Phyto-plankton populations thrive in the billions and too much is bad for marine ecosystems! Mussels trap these phyto-plankton by pumping large volumes of seawater over their gills and aid in managing their populations in the wild!This means our sustainable farming process is just as mother nature intended...


Green-lipped mussels are native to New Zealand. Green-lipped Mussels are loaded with nutrients. Low in fat and calories, they’re packed with protein. They’re also crammed with various vitamins and minerals in addition to omega-3 fatty acids like DHA, EPA and ETA. 

Many of us also know consumption of heavy metals aren’t sustainable for your long term health… Mussels are low in the food chain, which means they often have little to no mercury in them. This is in stark contrast to large predatory fish - in case you didn’t know your canned tuna is almost always tinged with mercury. Mussels are in, fish are out - Doctors orders!  

We’re also a sustainable alternative for the ethically health minded folks. Mussels have a rudimentary nervous system, which means they do not feel pain when harvested. In stark contrast to the way Fish are wired, there is no doubt they experience some sort of distress or pain before being slaughtered. 

At Kōrure, we believe that when it comes to health, sustainability, New Zealand green lipped mussel should be at the forefront of our consumption for every household in the world.  


Clinical Studies

*Through clinical studies, Green-lipped Mussel oil has been found to be an astonishing 100x more effective than leading fish oils for targeting that irritating joint pain. 1,3* Green-lipped mussel oil has been through extensive studies for its anti-inflammation properties. The anti-inflammation properties of natural Green-lipped Mussel oil performs as good as or even better than over the counter drugs. The bio-active lipids found in Korure’s Marine Phospholipid oil has much greater potency than plant/marine oils currently used as nutritional supplements to improve signs of inflammation. 


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3 Gibson SLM and Gibson GG. The treatment of arthritis with a lipid extract of Perna canaliculus: a randomised trial. Complementary Therapies in Medicine 6,122-126,1998.