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Join the revolution and save environment and money!

10% off and free shipping for all subscriptions.

*Kōrure 4REarth programme is a trademarked refillable programme. Kōrure supplements are the first refillable encapsulated supplement in New Zealand with mushroom packaging.


Subscribe & Save

Join the revolution and save environment and money!

10% off and free shipping for all subscriptions.

Subscribe & Save

Join the revolution and save environment and money!

10% off and free shipping for all subscriptions.

Subscription benefits: 

  • Save 10% every month

    & avoid the hassle of re-ordering

  • Refill your jar with a compostable pouch.

    No new jars and boxes every month!

  • Free Delivery

    on every subscription order

  • Cancel or set a custom recurring time

    by managing your account

Your kit for a sustainable future

With your first order you will receive a Welcome Kit - your refillable jar safely packed using a compostable Mushroom Tray (you can use it to plant your seeds). With every following order, you will receive a compostable pouch in a paper envelope. 

Remember to keep your jar so you can refill it again :) 

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Feel free to give us a call or message us directly on the messenger below if you will not find answer to your questions.

Where can I buy or order the Refill Kit? I am in Australia.

Greetings from New Zealand! You can simply purchase through our website, "". Or you can just search our name "True Vegan" on Facebook or Instagram.

My company is really interested in joining up and be part of your Refill program. Is there any chance we can talk more about this?

We are glad to hear your interest! Please feel free to email about your enquery.

Can I bury the mushroom tray under the ground with the seeds?

Yes of course, the mushroom tray is fully compostable. Just make sure it is not burried too deep for the seeds to grow.

Is everything included in the project environment friendly?

Yes, that is what we are trying to bring to our customer,  an unsignificant help to our loved earth. We promise everthing included is "TRUE" enviornment-friendly.

Why should I subscribe?

Subscribing allows you to get a discount on the retail price of the product. It also saves you needing to remember to repurchase the product or making a special trip down to pharmacy to do so. Delivery is free, and every 1-4 Weeks/Months we send you a new supply, so you’re sure never to run out.

Our sustainable packaging

Welcome Kit

Mycelium Tray

Mushrooms grew your tray! 

Mycelium, the root structure of a mushroom, acts like a natural glue. It binds agricultural waste and turns it into a positive-impact resource, replacing unsustainable synthetics like polystyrene or polyethylene.

Why we use it : it decomposes naturally in the soil within 30 days. 

Certifications: Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified, Living Future Declare Certified, USDA Certified Biobased Product, 100% Compostable 

Your move: Compost it!

Cardboard Box

Our sturdy cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable. Otherwise, you can use it to store whatever you want or even get a bit crafty with it!

We recommend that you use this as a drip tray for your plant.

Your move: Reuse it! or Recycle it!

Glass Jar

While glass is infinitely recyclable, the less we create, the lower the impact on Mother Earth. So keep your jar for your monthly refills. 

Your move: Refill it!


We provide seeds for you to plant and grow! We want you to join in our journey of reducing carbon footprint. When you plant our seeds you are contributing towards reducing carbon footprint - plants absorb Carbon Dioxide and use it as food to grow.

All our seeds are not genetically modified and is harvested from New Zealand.

Your move: Plant it!    

Click to to see different seeds available:

Soil Tablet

To help make growing your plant easier, we provide you with a compressed soil tablet that will nourish your seeds to grow to its full potential.

Simply add 60ml of water and watch the soil tablet grow seven times its size!

Your move: Water it!

Corn Foam

We use corn foam to protect your monthly refills when we send it out. 

Our corn foam is fully compostable - when you're done, chuck it in the garden or under some water! Easy!

Your move: Compost it!

Paper Envelope

Made from 100% Kraft paper and is FSC certified.

Your move: Recycle it!