Sustainability 101

A crash course on sustainability. 

Sustainability Tips

At Kōrure, we are great fans of being a sustainable and green company. Through our 4REarth projects like our refill kits, we’re fully committed to changing how your daily health supplements are supplied.

We also want you to be living a greener lifestyle. For many of the team, we are strong advocates of our 4REarth philosophy. In this article let’s run through how you can implement the 4REarth ethos in your daily lives! Each R in 4REarth builds on each other.


Reducing is one of the first steps to leading a sustainable lifestyle that lessens our impact on the environment. Arguably this is the most important aspect 

- Purchase only what you need

- Ditch single use products 

- Look out for sustainable products with a reduced impact on the environment

- Home-compostable packaging

- Packaging that can actually be recycled 


- Reusing builds off reducing your impact. Reducing is arguably the most important aspect to lessen your impact on the environment. Reusing is one of the best ways for you to reduce to make a tangible difference. 

- Before you throw something away, think of how you can give something a second life.

- Reuse items you may typically throw away. Think about all the jars, and bottles that could be reused


Similar to reusing, you should refill! Here are some ideas on refilling 

- Buy your foods bulk - By buying foods in bulk and refilling your containers, it saves on single use plastics

- For drinks, sit down and have them. If not, bring a keep cup.


If you can’t reduce, reuse or refill - Recycling should be considered your last option to go for. Recycling ensures many resources including plastics are kept out of landfills and ecosystems which are later repurposed for new products.

Ready to put the 4Rs into action and are passionate about your health? Give our refill kits a try.

Written by: Ron Park

Founder & CEO of Kōrure

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